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fit-PC3 is designed around the AMD Embedded G-Series Fusion APU providing:

  • Dual-core 64 bit x86 CPU @ 1.0 - 1.65 GHz
  • AMD Radeon HD 6xxx GPU

The APU is supplemented by up to 8 GB DDR3-1333.



For a miniature fanless system - fit-PC3 provides extremely powerful graphics features

  • Dual-head DisplayPort (up to 2560×1600) and HDMI (up to 1920×1200) incl. audio
  • HDMI 1.4 and stereo-3D support in fit-PC3 Pro
  • DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.0, OpenCL
  • 1080p Blu-Ray playback support, UVD 3 engine with native H.264, VC-1, MPEG2, and DivX


Low Power

The fit-PC product line is recognized as the most power efficient in its category and fit-PC3 is no exception. The T40E model consumes just 7W at Windows 7 when idling, or up to 15W under full system load with dual head display. Each model's consumption reflects the performance and efficiency of the corresponding APU.



fit pc3 io

Out-of-the-box fit-PC3 provides a set of interfaces unmatched by any computer of a similar size:

  • Dual-head display HDMI + DisplayPort
  • Digital 7.1 S/PDIF and analog 2.0 audio, both input and output
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n + BT combo with dual antennas
  • 2 USB3 ports + 2 USB2 ports
  • 2 eSATA ports
  • Bay for 2.5" SATA HDD
  • 2 mini-PCIe sockets / 1 mSATA
  • Serial RS232 port
  • IR Receiver

These interfaces are likely to satisfy the majority of applications, but not all. For example - what about network routing? This is where the uniqueness of fit-PC3 is revealed - in modularity.



Compactness and modularity are often contradicting design goals. Perhaps the most striking feature in the design of fit-PC3 is the degree of modularity and hardware serviceability without compromising on neither size nor looks of the device.


FACE Module (Function And Connectivity Extension Module)

The front-facing panel of fit-PC3 can incorporate any custom functionality and I/O. We call it FACE Module (Function And Connectivity Extension Module).


  • A FACE Module with 4 GbE ports and 6 USB ports for networking applications
  • Combine GPIOs, ADCs, DACs and serial ports for instrumentation
  • Add multiple frame-grabbers for a surveillance computer
fit pc3 face module

FACE Module is implemented by an internal extension-board and a simple sheet-metal panel. CompuLab is designing multiple FACE Modules and opens the interface with complete documentation and reference designs for other companies to design their own FACE Modules.

The I/O brought to the FACE Module resembles extensibility of a desktop:

  • 4 PCI-E Lanes
  • 6 USB 2 + 2 USB 1.1
  • 25 GPIOs
  • 2 SATA
  • 2 SMBus
  • LPC


One-screw service door

fit pc3 one screw service

Installing or replacing hard-disk, RAM and mini-PCIe modules (2 in fit-PC3) has never been easier. All it takes is opening one screw at the bottom of fit-PC3 and sliding-out the service door with the hard-disk attached. Then there is easy access to the 2 SODIMMs and 2 mini-PCI sockets.


Design and build

Most commodity small PCs follow identical design rules - a heat-sink on the CPU with a centrifugal fan blowing over it, all encased in a plastic housing. fit-PC design is radically different - focusing on miniaturization, robustness, reliability and silent operation rather than making the cheapest possible system


Thermal design

Design and build

All fit-PCs are designed for fanless operation at the smallest possible form-factor using the most reliable cooling mechanism in existence - heat dissipation through the housing itself. fit-PC3 is no different, but it takes the thermal design a step further.

  • Internal passive heat-spreader to eliminate hot-spots.
fit pc3 basic hd playback win7 12w
  • Power regulation based on both CPU and case temperature monitoring. If case temperature exceeds a threshold the CPU is underclocked until temperature is back within permitted range. The threshold can be configured in BIOS.


Industrial design

fit pc3 cases

Each part of the metal housing of fit-PC3 is 3D modeled and produced by die-casting for perfect fit. The streamlined design under 1" thick may be misleading - but fit-PC3 is one of the toughest computers on the market - easily withstanding industrial, automotive and outdoors installations.


Embedded grade internals

CompuLab has been making embedded computer-on-modules for over 15 years. We know that using quality parts results in returning customers. All electronic components in fit-PC3 are embedded grade with long term availability and are RoHS compliant. The standard warranty on fit-PC3 is 2 years.


Complete Fit-PC3 Specifications


Additional pictures of the Fit-Pc 3

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